MOVING MOUNTAINS from Marie-Dolma Chophel on Vimeo.

Moving Mountains - 2018 - 5min45sec. Video and Sound: Marie-Dolma Chophel

ScreenCaps Moving Mountains

"Moving Mountains" is an invitation to focus on the emotional impact of territory and the feelings of belonging and dislocation breathing within us, connecting the viewer to a sense of impermanence and altered perception of space and time. Colored sand pours slowly into this undefined space to reveal peaks and valleys, suggesting landscape curvature. As it spreads and grows into a vibrant network of colliding ramifications, smoky nuances ebb away a few strips of topography and deepen its ground.
The soundtrack mixes sacred chants of Tibetan monks with slow breathing and the sounds of pouring sand; a mantra to induce a meditative state of consciousness as the landscape evolves through different states.

This video was on view at the Berkeley Art Museum (BAMPFA) from October 2018 to May 2019 as part of the Show "Boundless" more infos on the show @ Boundless